Recent Publications

  1. Lu, F., Laumbach, R., Legard, A., Myers, N.T.#, Black, K., Ohman-Strickland, P., Alimokhtari, S., Resende, A.D., Calderon, L., Mainelis, G.*, and Kipen, H. (2023) Real-World Effectiveness of Portable Air Cleaners in Reducing Home Particulate Matter Concentrations, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, accepted. Abstract.

  2. Myers, N.T.#, Han, T. T.#, Dillon, K. P.#, and Mainelis, G.* (2023). Performance Evaluation of Different Low-Cost DIY Air Cleaner Configurations. Aerosol Science and Technology, 57(11): 1128-1141. Abstract.

  3. He, R.#, Tsoulou, I., Thirumurugesan, Morgan, B., Gonzalez, S., Plotnik., D., Senick, J., Andrews, C.J., and Mainelis, G.* (2023) Effect of Heatwaves on PM2.5 Levels in Apartments of Low-Income Elderly Population. A Case Study using Low-cost Air Quality Monitors, Atmospheric Environment, 301: 119697. Abstract.

  4. Dillon, K. #, Tignat-Perrier, R., Joly, M., Grogan, S.N.C.M.#, Larose, K., Amato, P. Mainelis, G.* (2023) Comparison of Airborne Bacterial Populations Determined by Passive and Active Air Sampling at puy de Dôme, France, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 23 (4): 1-16. Abstract.

  5. He, R. #, Zhang. J.#, and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Resuspension of particles deposited by nano-enabled consumer sprays: the role of product type, flooring material and resuspension force, Indoor Air, 32 (11). Abstract.

  6. Dillon, K., Krumins, V., Deshpande, A., Kerkhof, L., Mainelis, G., and Fennell, D. (2022) Characterization and DNA stable isotope probing of methanotrophic bioaerosols, Microbiology Spectrum, 10(6): 03421-22. Abstract.

  7. Desai, G., Ramachandran, G., Goldman, E., Esposito, W., Galione, A., Lal, A., Choueiri, T., Fay, A., Jordan, W., Schaffner, D., Caravanos, J., Grignard, E., Mainelis, G.* (2023) The efficiency of Grignard Pure™ to inactivate airborne MS2, a common SARS-CoV-2 surrogate, Environmental Science and Technology, 57; 4231-4240. Abstract.

  8. Goldman, E.*, Choueiri, T.K., Mainelis, G., Ramachandran, G., Schaffner, D.W. (2022). Triethylene Glycol can be Pre-Deployed as a Safe Virus-Killing Indoor Air Treatment, Journal of Infectious Diseases, accepted. Abstract.

  9. Grogan, S. # and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Effect of Sampling Duration on Culturable and Viable Bioaerosol Determination when using Rutgers Electrostatic Passive Sampler (REPS), Journal of Aerosol Science, 166: 106066. Abstract.

  10. Garbariene, I.*, Pauraitė, J., Pashneva, D., Minderytė, A., Sarka, K., Dudoitis, V., Davuliene, L., Davulienė, L., Gaspariunas, M., Kovalevskij, V., Lingis, D., Bucinskas, L., Sapolaite, J., Ezerinskas, Z., Mainelis, G., Ovadvevaite, J., Kecorius, S., Plauskaite-Sukiene, K., and Byčenkienė, S. (2022) Indoor-outdoor relationship of submicron particulate matter in mechanically ventilated building: chemical composition, sources and infiltration factor, Building and Environment, 109429. Abstract.

  11. Grogan, S. #, Han, T. T. #, and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Development and initial testing of a low-power, ferroelectric film-based bioaerosol sampler, Aerosol Science &Technology, 56(12): 1132-1145. Abstract.

  12. Tsoulou, I., He, R.#, Senick, J., Mainelis, G., and Andrews, C. (2023) Monitoring Summertime Indoor Overheating and Pollutant Risks and Natural Ventilation Patterns of Seniors in Public Housing, Indoor and Built Environment, accepted. Abstract.

  13. Manibusan, S. # and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Passive Bioaerosol Samplers: A Complementary Tool for Bioaerosol Research. A Review, Journal of Aerosol Science, 163: 105992. Abstract.

  14. Myers, N.T.#, Laumbach, R., Black, K., Ohman-Strickland, P., Alimokhtari, S., Legard, A., Resende, A.D., Calderon, L., Lu, F., Mainelis, G.*, and Kipen, H. (2022) Portable Air Cleaners and Residential Exposure to SARS-CoV-2 Aerosols: A Real-World Study, Indoor Air, 32(4). Abstract.

  15.       Han, T.T. #, Myers, N. T. #, Manibusan, S. #, and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Development and Optimization of Stationary Electrostatic Bioaerosol Sampler (SEBS) For Viable and Culturable Airborne Microorganisms, Journal of Aerosol Science, 162: 10595. Abstract.

  16. Metaxatos, A.*, Manibusan, S. #, and Mainelis, G. (2022) Investigation of sources, diversity, and variability of bacterial aerosols in Athens, Greece: a pilot study, Atmosphere, 13(1), 45. Abstract.

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