Recent Publications

  1. Han, T.T. #, Myers, N. T. #, Manibusan, S. #, and Mainelis, G.* (2022) Development and Optimization of Stationary Electrostatic Bioaerosol Sampler (SEBS) For Viable and Culturable Airborne Microorganisms, Journal of Aerosol Science, accepted. Abstract.

  2. Metaxatos, A.*, Manibusan, S. #, Mainelis, G. (2022) Investigation of sources, diversity, and variability of bacterial aerosols in Athens, Greece: a pilot study, Atmosphere, 13(1), 45. Abstract.

  3. Laumbach, R., Mainelis, G., Black, K., Myers, N.T.#, Ohman-Strickland, P., Alimokhtari, S., Hastings, S., Resende, A.D., Legard, A., Calderon, L., Lu, F., and Kipen, H.* (2021) Presence of SARS-CoV-2 in residences of adults with COVID-19, Annals of the American Thoracic Society, accepted. Abstract.
    Note: Laumbach, Mainelis, and Black contributed equally to this manuscript and share the first authorship.

  4. Myers, N. T. #, Han, T. T.#, Li, M.-L., Brewer, G.; Harper, M., Mainelis, G.* (2021) Impact of Sampling and Storage Stress on the Recovery of Airborne SARS-CoV-2 Virus Surrogate Captured by Filtration, Journal of Occupational & Environmental Hygiene, 18 (9), 461-475. Abstract.

  5. Pauraitė, J., Garbarienė, I., Minderytė, A., Dudoitis, V., Mainelis, G., Davulienė, L., Uogintė, I., Plauskaitė, K., and Byčenkienė, S.* (2021) Effect of Spring Grass Fires on Indoor Air Quality in Air-Conditioned Office Building, Lithuanian Journal of Physics. Abstract.

  6. Pauraitė, J., Mainelis, G., Kecorius, S., Minderytė, A., Dudoitis, V., Garbarienė, I., Plauskaitė, K., Ovadnevaitė, J., and Byčenkienė, S.* (2021) Office Indoor Air Quality in Lithuania: the Role of a Long-Range Smoke Transport Event, Atmosphere, 12(8), 1047. Abstract.

  7. Tsoulou, I., Senick, J., Mainelis, G., Kim, S.-Y.* (2021) Residential Indoor Air Quality Interventions through a Social-Ecological Systems Lens: A Systematic Review, Indoor Air, 31(4): 958-976. Abstract.

  8. Secondo, L.E., Sagona, J.A., Calderon, L., Wang, Z., Plotnik, D., Senick, J., Sorensen-Allacci, M., Wener, R., Andrews, C.J., and Mainelis, G.* (2021). Estimating Lung Deposition of Fungal Spores Using Actual Airborne Spore Concentrations and Physiological Data. Environmental Science & Technology, 55(3): 1852-1863. Abstract.

  9. Myers, N.T., Calderon, L., Pavilonis, B., Wang, Z., Xiong, Y., Sorensen-Allacci, M., Plotnik, D., Senick, J., Gong, J., Krogmann, U., Andrews, C.J., and Mainelis, G. (2021). Presence and variability of culturable bioaerosols in three multi-family apartment buildings with different ventilation systems in the Northeastern US. Indoor Air, 31(2): 502-523. Abstract.

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Last modified: 01/17/2022